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Estate Agency Websites, Mobile Web, Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, PPC and more!

My Web Application has many years of experience in digital property marketing and working with some of the largest Estate Agencies in the UK.

Having an effective property listing web site is just the beginning. Estate agents need to engage with costumers at every level; mobile sites are fast becoming the preferred option for many customers: approximately 15% of all web traffic is now on a mobile device.

With the age of Social Media upon us, Estate Agents face new challenges and more opportunities than ever before. Social Media has given way to boost direct marketing on an unprecedented scale.

Having an effective digital marketing strategy is the key to success. This is why we have created our Ulitmate Estate Agency webiste, packed with features to drive your buisness forward. If you would like to discuss a bespoke solution for your Estate Agency Buisiness then please contact us now.

Real Estate Services
Web applications


Our development team have been developing highly sophisticated web sites since 2000. It will always be our ethos to push the boundaries of technology to ensure that our web sites have exceptional performance, deliver results that will improve efficiency, increase market exposure and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Our Website Development services include:

  • CMS (Content Management System Implementation)
  • Application Development
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Web site Component Integration Services
  • Bespoke Solutions

Social Media

Every business can benefit from social media. It is now a mainstream advertising engine resulting in customer acquisition and retention. We have developed a number of solutions for our customers to help them engage in the world of Social Media. If you want your business to make an impact with social media, you will need a well planned strategy! Don’t have one? That’s where we come in.

  • Facebook – Estimated 21.7 Million, expected to rise to 31 Million by 2018
  • Twitter – Estimated 13 Million ( over 80% mobile users) expected to rise to 17 Million by 2018
  • Instagram – Estimated 14 Million active monthly users
  • Pinterest – Estimated 10 Million active monthly users, with over 3 million pins per day

Imagine the possibilities for your business.

Social Media
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Strategies focused on increasing the reach & visibility of your business

We are beyond the convention of pushing products to customers on a single platform. The customer has progressed faster than the majority of businesses in the UK. They now demand information, products and services on multiple devices, on multiple platforms 24 hours a day and if your business is still considering sending the latest email campaign it’s time to think again.

At My Web Application we will work with you to deliver a proven strategy for your business, one that will increase your market presence, customer engagement, sales and profit. The digital world is massive and its only getting bigger, make sure your business is part of it.


It all starts with excellent planning and an outstanding project brief. No matter how big or small a project. The initial planning and research stage is key to delivering the perfect solution, we will listen and learn about the processes and strengths that set your business apart from the competition.

In turn this will allow us to deliver a design a website, that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, responsive to the users requirements and packed with the right tools to put your business in front of your customers.

Despite of what you might think on the subject, don't underestimate the impact of a successful web design, as it is usually the main reason of customers' attachment to your company and its products.


Office 365 for Business

With Office 365 you can get work done from virtually anywhere. It's everything you need on the devices you use most—your documents, email, calendars, contacts, and team sites all come with you. Your settings come too, so you can pick up right where you left off when you change devices.