Some of our sensational innovative digital products that are on offer for certain market segments. Please have a look and see how we can create added value to your business with our ready made solutions.

Active Estate

Active Estate is an innovative cloud-based solution to manage property listing and real estate CRM.

Active Estate supports Real Time Data Feed for both Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. It also supports the outdated BLM feed for the other providers who don’t have a real time solution.

We’ve got number of clients using this application already, but we continue working on upgrading user experience and improving business process by introducing new modules into the system all the time. We have enriched Active Estate with additional features that give real estate agents the ability to store more detailed information about their properties, such as room information with images, parking space, accessibility features, heating information and much more.

We have a number of various solutions for real estate agents.

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Ticket Pal

Ticket Pal is an innovative ticket booking system designed to improve user experience as well as boost service provider sales and overall business success.

The online booking system targets any businesses that sell different types of tickets; for instance, businesses that sell concert tickets, bus tickets, tour tickets, or flight tickets can utilise this solution. The solution gives the flexibility to businesses to advertise any type of ticket using a single solution.

We have also created an API that gives the customers the option to integrate the online booking system with their internal systems, if required. When integrated via API, the online booking system will comprise real-time updates on what tickets and seats are still available and purchasable.

Furthermore, the system utilises a drag and drop canvas solution, which creates the opportunity for a seller to set up a visual layout of the seats that are currently available. A seller can group certain seats together, create a group discount and book out any unavailable seats. The frontend information, which is a result of a drag and drop activity flows through to the backend database, which is being updated accordingly.

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