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Active Estate


On the 6th January 2016 Rightmove will withdraw support for the outdated version of the Automated Data Feed (ADF, also called Version 3/3a). It is believed Zoopla is next to implement changes.

You will still be able to use the older ADF format for a further 6 months after the 6th January, but Rightmove won’t be able to support you as you’d like.

What is the solution?

For the last few months we were busy building a new system for you. We call it Active Estate.

Active Estate supports Real Time Data Feed for both Rightmove and Zoopla. It also supports the outdated BLM feed for the other providers who don’t have a real time solution.

We have enriched Active Estate with additional features that give you the ability to store more detailed information about your properties, such as room information with images, parking space, accessibility features, heating information and much more.

How much will it cost?

For just £55¹ per month you can manage all your properties for 1 branch. Should you require using CRM features², your monthly fee would go a little higher. Please refer to for a full pricing information.

I am using PropertyManager to manage my website. What will change?

Not a thing you should worry about! Your website will keep working the same way, show the same data and will be updated instantly every time you update a property on Active Estate.

If you opted-in for new enhanced features to display more detailed information on the property, we would need to amend your website to accommodate this. Please contact us for a quote.

Will I need to re-input all my properties to Active Estate?

No. Once you sign the new contract, we will migrate³ all your data from PropertyManager to Active Estate. We will let you know when migration is completed so that you can check your data or log any additional information.

Will you close PropertyManager?

No, PropertyManager system will keep running for a further 6 months, until end of June 2016. During this period we will not be introducing any new features and will offer limited support.

How do I get started?

Contact our team for help with managing the transition to RTDF.

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